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Unwilling to be silenced: The 200-Year-Old Battle for Creole Language Told In 10 Minutes

The Creoles of Louisiana have a unique political culture in large part due to their transitions of rule. They were jostled around from empire to empire for nearly a hundred years. After 80 years of French rule, the Louisiana colony was ceded to Spain in the Treaty of Fontainebleu in 1762. Then the Spanish government ceded the territory back to France in 1802. France sold…

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“True Beauty Starts with Loving Yourself.”

“True Beauty Starts with Loving Yourself.” By: Amber Monroe Last month I had the pleasure to sit down and visit with a young and upcoming community advocate in Ft. Worth, Ms. Nicole Woolridge. Nicole and I met at the launch gala for her new organization called So BeYOUtiful. So BeYOUtiful was created by Nicole out…

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Mardi Gras: Family Holiday

In 2002, I moved from my native Thailand to Lafayette, Louisiana and experienced my first Mardi Gras was in 2003 when I attended a Creole parade on Johnston Street with my husband—he’s Cajun through his mother. My husband prepared me for the bead throwing, the floats, and marching bands, but I was not prepared for…


Illuminating Creole Culture (Ruben Moreno Zydeco Artist)

We Creoles are so blessed with a diverse culture that has so much in common with other Latin, Indigenous, and African-based communities throughout the Americas. The future of Zydeco music is a hybrid, much like I discuss on my new album, “Compliqué”(Complicated) where I give more details about my vision for the future of the music and the culture.

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Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

It is a wonder to believe that it is February 2015 already!   The holidays have ended, and the Mardi Gras season and Black History Month is upon us!   With so many events taking place from programs to parades to balls and tableaus, we still search for quick and uncomplicated dishes that are nourishing and satisfying at…