Creole/Cajun Movies you HAVE TO SEE!

The world seems to be fascinated about Louisiana’s unique heritage and culture. The food, the music, and even the voodoo. Whatever it maybe, there are movies portraying Louisiana’s unique, romantic, and unparalleled culture. So, when you have a free moment go to the local video store (Redbox these days), Netflix, or even YouTube, you have to check these flicks out

10. Midnight Bayou

Based on the book by Nora Roberts, this movie follows a Yankee moving to South Louisiana, where he decides to buy an old haunted plantation on the bayou….not to mention he falls in love with a Louisiana Cajun beauty.

Midnight Bayou

9. King Creole

Elvis Presley shows the nightlife of New Orleans in this 1950s classic.

king creole

8. The Big Easy

Truth, love, lies, and scandals and a WHOLE-LOT-OF New Orleans, this film shows life of a 1980s New Orleans.

the big easy

7. The Princess and the Frog

We all know of this classic child’s story….On a sidenote, a lot of people were waiting for the first black Disney princess and guess what? She is a Gumbo eating, biegnet serving, shotgun home living princess….if that ain’t Creole, I don’t what is!

princess and the frog

6. Beast of the Southern Wild

The story of a small rural community in the swamps during the days of Hurricane Katrina. This movie shows the love of life that can only be found in South Louisiana, this film has received BEAUCOUP awards, check it out!

beast of the southern wild

5.  A Gathering of Old Men

A classic story by Louisiana native, Ernest Gaines, shows the struggle of race relations in South Louisiana. The story of sugarcane sharecroppers and a racist Cajun man’s family is no short of entertaining and mind-boggling.

a gathering of old men

4. Feast of All Saints

This movie takes place during the 1800s in New Orleans. A time period of slavery and Louisiana trying to become an American society while staying true to its Creole heritage. The story follows the life of Creoles of Color during this trying time. This is a great movie for historical references and very entertaining. (Film based on a book by Anne Rice)

feast of all saints

3. Little Chenier

The story is very complex, or shall I say, it is very “Louisiana”. It is set in a small village in South Louisiana deep in the swamp lands. A story of an older brother caring for his mentally challenged brother, a story of a love affair, and harsh living conditions in Louisiana… Oh and be prepared to hear some Louisiana French!

little chenier

2. Eve’s Bayou

A wealthy rural Creole family has to deal with a family secret. In the mist of the beauty of South Louisiana, the old folks who gossip in Creole, and that aunt who practices a little voodoo. This movie is telling multiple stories. A NAACP Image Award winner, you will just have to watch it and view it!


1. Courage to Love

The story is about a Creole of Color woman during the 1800s, Henriette DeLille. She is stuck between a cultural Creole ritual and doing the work of God. In the mist of this, she has to deal with her beloved Creole country becoming an American territory, that brings a clash of Creole culture and values and the new American way. (Based on a true story)



3 thoughts on “Creole/Cajun Movies you HAVE TO SEE!

  1. I did not see a mention for “Cane River” made in 1982, starring Richard Romain and Barbara Tasker. Does anyone know where I can buy a copy?

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