5 Creole/Cajun Places to eat in Baton Rouge

B-A-T-O-N R-O-U-G-E, lets talk about it folks. I know when people think of Louisiana they think NEW ORLEANS, but maybe my lovely home of Baton Rouge can come in a close second? The city of Baton Rouge is the second largest metro in the state, home to LSU and Southern, not to mention the Louisiana capitol. This city is truly a Louisiana city and all-Americana at the same time. So, with that being said when you visit Baton Rouge try these 5 places to eat. (Sidenote: even if you don’t plan to visit Baton Rouge, you need to plan to visit Baton Rouge because you need to try some GOOD FOOD)

5. Tony’s Seafood: Oh MY!!!! My mouth doesn’t have words for this place. I mean THIS IS IT, if you want true Creole/Cajun seafood alive or dead, come here. The serving line has ALL the southern/Creole dishes you can think off. Not to mention, fresh boiled seafood and a small grocery area to take things to geaux. I love this place, but I can’t visit often because of those calories :/



4. Acme Oyster’s House: No offense to my NOLA people, but HELLO world you can eat at Acme’s in Baton Rouge also. Yes, this is a top spot in NOLA, but now you can get it on Acadian near I-10. This place holds a special place in my heart because it made me fall in love with oysters. I will forever be in this place’s debt. So be sure to try their charbroiled oysters….seaux good!



3. Couyon’s BBQ: The spot I frequent in Port Allen across the river from Baton Rouge. I love this spot, especially as a Texas native, I need a bbq place nearby ALWAYS. This place puts a Cajun/Creole spin on BBQ and it always hits the spot. The name Couyon is a Louisiana French word for “dumb-ass” or “stupid-ass” a funny word used a lot in rural Louisiana communities.



2. Sammy’s Grill: Located on the scenic Highland road in Baton Rouge near the LSU area, this place is a local favorite. I frequent this spot during Crawfish season, their boiled Crawfish is truly a treat. I wouldn’t dare visit Baton Rouge during Crawfish season without stopping by Sammy’s Grill!



1. Parrain’s Seafood: This is my favorite spot in Baton Rouge, located in between the LSU area and the Garden District on Perkins Rd. This place has great seafood dishes and you will never leave hungry. I love the stuffed shrimp, it always hits the spot, so try it out. But, be prepared for a small wait this place is ALWAYS busy, but worth the wait! (Sidenote: Parrain’s is Louisiana French for godfather)




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