Mardi Gras Celebrations (Outside of Louisiana)

The Louisiana diaspora is virtually in every state. There is a Creole/Cajun presence in every corner of this nation. With that being said, Louisiana people take their culture with them EVERYWHERE they go, b-a-b-y! So, we have compiled a list of Mardi Gras celebrations in the places most Creoles and Cajuns live in outside of Louisiana. If you’d like to know the TOP CITIES FOR CREOLES/CAJUNS click HERE.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada: It was hard to find events in the Las Vegas area, if you know of some let us know below! However, there is a child-friendly Mardi Gras celebration on Feb. 25th starting at 11:30am CLICK HERE for more information.

7. Bay Area, California: The place many Louisiana folks moved to during the 1940s-1960s, San Francisco puts on an annual Mardi Gras celebration. The event has a Northern California spin on it, but you’ll feel right at home with a bunch of Mardi Gras loving folks. This year it will be Tuesday March 4th

6. Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas: The city may only be shy of 3 hours from the Louisiana border, but you can celebrate a good time in the BIG D! There are tens of thousands of Louisiana descendants in the DFW area, this annual parade in North Oak Cliff makes for a good time for all. MARCH 2nd at 4pm.

5. Beaumont (Port Arthur Mardi Gras): Literally a step away from South Louisiana, the gulf coast of Texas keeps the Mardi Gras flavor going. Often times the Gulf of Texas is considered apart of the “Cajun belt” because of the similar culture Southeast Texas shares with Southwest Louisiana, not to mention how many families have moved into Southeast Texas from Louisiana. The annual Port Arthur celebration will be sure to give you something to second-line about! Feb. 27 – Mar 2nd

4. Atlanta- the “A”, a place that is no stranger to a good time. So check out the A’s version of Mardi Gras and celebrating carnival season. Sat. Feb. 22

3. Chicago, IL – A place that has welcomed Louisiana folks for decades. The city has many celebrations going on for Mardi Gras, so check them out!

Check out the numerous of ways to celebrate in CHICAGO HERE

2. Los Angeles, CA – The “other LA”, being that there are so many Louisiana descendants living in the city, we had to showcase this town. Check out this video! (Mardi Gras in the Farmer’s Market in L.A. will be March 1, 2, and 4)

1. Houston, TX – The city is only 4hours away from New Orleans, but with so many Louisiana descendants, they had to have their own Mardi Gras. The nearby Gulf town of Galveston has one of the largest celebrations in the country, just 45 minutes from Houston, this Gulf town sure knows how to pass a good time…  (an estimated 300, 000 people will celebrate this year during Feb 21 – Mar 4 celebrations)

-Elroy Johnson



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