5 Reasons to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Louisiana

5 Reasons to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Louisiana

In Louisiana, some call St. Patrick’s Day, the “Green Mardi Gras”. Now, I will not say St. Patrick’s Day in Louisiana will compare to a celebration in Dublin, but I say the next best celebrations HAVE to be in Louisiana. In Louisiana, we have a long standing history of Irish immigrants. In fact, we have a number of Creole & Cajun families with Irish surnames. The Irish came and created communities in Louisiana, and often times intermixed with local families. The Irish were very important to Louisiana’s foundation, not to be overlooked by our French heritage.

Here are 5 reasons to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Louisiana

#5. The Weather is good, some parts of the US, March still brings cool weather and rainy days. Well by mid-March in Louisiana, it is time to catch a St. Patty’s parade in shorts, while eating a snowball, we enjoy our warm weather!


#4. The Italian-Irish connection, yes I said, Italian. In New Orleans (Metairie)  there is a LARGE Italian-Irish parade. So, you can get your fill of Irish parading with the Italians, what a cool blend!

italian irish isleno parade

#3. The Food- in mid-March it is a great time to eat crawfish with POTATOES and corn. I mean what better way to celebrate the Irish then eating a dozen potatoes in-between crawfish, a Louisiana delicacy!

crawfish and potatoes

#2. Post-Mardi Gras fever, if you are in a bind post-all the parades during Carnival season, St. Patrick’s Day is your BEST bet. The celebration will bring back a bit of that Mardi Gras spirit but in a green color, not purple, yellow, and green.

mardi gras beads

#1. The Green Mardi Gras- it is ANOTHER Mardi Gras, another reason to close down streets, grab the kids, your neighbors and go catch something. All be it, the portion of green beads is higher than the other colors, but hey, THROW ME SOMETHIN MISTR!

green mardi gras beads

-Author: Elroy Johnson IV




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